Conditions of use

1. Area of application of our general trading conditions

To the business relation between Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. and the orderer excluding the following general trading conditions in their at the time of the order valid version apply. Deviating conditions of the orderer not on Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. recognizes, it is, Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. their validity would expressly in writing have agreed.

2. Contract conclusion
If you give an order up with Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K., we send to you a E-Mail, whom confirms the entrance of your order with us and whose details specifies. With writing, pressure and calculation errors on the Website is justified to the resignation. All offers are the supply are enough valid so long. All quotations already contain the legal value added tax as well as all other Preisbestandteile. Forwarding expenses result only on extra shipping costs. The collection fee remains of it unaffected. Verbal arrangements do not have validity. All agreements require writing.

Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. does not offer products for the purchase by persons under age. Also our products for children can be bought only by adults.

3. Revocation
Starting from receipt of the commodity the customer has a conversion and a return right every fourteen days if the commodity in the unused (including all accessories, instructions etc.) condition is. For period keeping the punctual sending off is sufficient on:

Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K.
Koppelberg 4-6
24159 Kiel

The return of the commodity must take place completely, in original packaging, including suitable transportation packing. One points out that if necessary Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. can retain a depreciation resulted from putting into use of the thing. Note the fact that Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. accepts no unfree returns. In case of an entitled return or complaint we refund your postage costs of normal post office dispatch to you. Already performed payments are returned within 30 days.

4. Supply
If differently does not agree, the supply takes place from stock to the ship-to-address indicated by the orderer. Data over the time for delivery are noncommittal. If the supplier of Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. does not supply with the ordered commodity, Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K.  is justified to the resignation. In this case the orderer is informed immediately about the fact that the ordered product is not available. The purchase price already paid is refunded immediately.

5. Maturity and payment, delay of the orderers can pay the purchase price either by cash on delivery or prepaiment. If the orderer comes into delay of payment, then Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. is justified, interests at a value of 5% over of the European central bank admits given basis interest rate per annum to demand. If Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. developed a higher damage caused by default demonstrably, Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. is justified to make these valid.

6. Retention of title
The supplied commodity remains up to the complete payment in the property of Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K.

7. Warranty for defects
If a lack of the purchase thing is present, the orderer Nacherfüllung (defect removal or replacement) can require. If the Nacherfüllung fails, the orderer can withdraw with a not insignificant lack from the contract, reduce the purchase price or make payment of damages valid. As far as below nothing else results, are large requirements of the orderer -- directly from which arguments -- excluded. Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. is not responsible therefore for damage, which did not develop at the delivery article; in particular Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. is not responsible for escaped profit or for other financial damages of the orderer. So far the adhesion excluded from Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. or limited is, applies this also to the personal adhesion of employees, representatives and executing aides. Managing limitation of liability does not apply, as far as the cause of the damage is based on resolution or rough negligence or a personal injury is present. Furthermore it applies not if the orderer of requirements makes out §§ 1, 4 product liability law valid. If Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K.  hurts negligently a contract-substantial obligation, the obligation to indemnify for damages to property is limited to the typically developing damage. The period of limitation amounts to twenty-four months, counted starting from supply.
The product photos and illustrations on Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. are only approximate representations (deviations in color and size are possible).

8. Data security
Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K. never places third to personal data to the use to the order. The personal data necessary for the Geschäftsabwicklung are confidentially treated. Surf Distribution Wirtz e.K.  stores, finished and uses the data received in connection with the contractual relation only so far this is necessary for normal order handling information.

9. Applicable right
It applies German right under exclusion of the UN-Kaufrechts.